Saturday, 17 September 2011

Wycombe Wanderers Stats Laid Bare

With the optimism drained from the ranks of Wanderers fans, it seems the appropriate time to look at the statistics to examine both the positive and negative points to the season so far.

Wycombe Total
Ranked (Division)
Divisional Average
Joint 22nd
20 (Charlton Athletic /  Sheffield United)
Goals Scored
Joint 21st
17 (3 Teams)
Goals Against
7 (4 Teams)
Goal Difference
Joint 20th
+10 (Charlton Athletic / Sheffield United
Form (Last 5)
Joint 23rd
WWWWW (Preston North End)

Last 5 Games
Points: 0
Goals Scored: 0
Goals Against: 9
Goal Difference: -9

Remaining Games In September

Sheffield United (H)
              2nd in League 1     
              Joint Top Goal Scorers / Joint Best Defence
Preston North End (H)
              5th in League 1
              Best Form (Last 5 Games WWWWW)

* No Adjustments Made For Games Played
   Statistics Correct From 17/09/11
   Information Given Accurate 

There isn't much positive to say about the last 5 games. No goals and depending on the sources an average of between 2 and 4 shots per game underlying a season where a lack of goals is hugely concerning. It should also be noted that the other side who have lost there last 5 games is Bury who's last victory was against Wycombe at Adams Park. 

Defensively the news is far more positive with Wycombe slightly ahead of the season average. However it should be noted that Wycombe have only played two sides from the top half of the table (Huddersfield Town And Brentford) so there are a lot of sides with goals in them in Wycombe's near future. 

It would also suggest that Wycombe may be going into games too defensively minded, something backed up by the performances in my opinion, with too much emphasis on trying to survive games rather than taking it to the opposition. With the understanding we're a smaller team in this division, we need to go out and try and beat the teams around us and maybe even play with some reckless abandon against sides who financially speaking are greater. Going out to hunt down some points has got to be a more effective tactic than survival football that has left so many depressed at the way a League 1 season is going once again.

The important thing to note for the fans is not to panic. There are a lot of games and plenty of opportunity to turn what is still a young season around. What the management at the club need to understand is that the way Wycombe are playing is not working for the fans or from a view at the league table so this is the time to go back to the drawing board and look again,

Gary Waddock has shown good tactical ability at his time at the club and has it within himself to make the necessary changes, although one must be to extend his scouting networks away from former players as this tactic has held the club back. 

Most importantly, it's time to make the changes now, even if means using the next couple of fixtures to try new things. They are games no one expects us to win so why not try something new out and get better for the more winnable games. We can still survive which was always going to be the aim this year but its up to everyone at the club from the chairman, through the management and players to the fans to keep the faith, keep going and remember that, frankly we're Wycombe and we're massive (sort off)

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